How do I unlink parent menu items?

To unlink your parent menu items (like our demo site), you need to:

  1. In your dashboard, go to "Appearance > Menus".
  2. Locate "Links" and create a custom link.
  3. In the "URL" field, instead of a URL insert the "#" symbol.
  4. Now insert the "Link Text" for your menu item (ie., Blog).
  5. Next we want to "Add to Menu".
  6. Once in the menu click the arrow to expand it.
  7. Once expanded locate the "#" and remove it (delete).
  8. Now this URL field should be blank.
  9. Now add your sub-menu items beneath this parent item.
  10. Save your changes afterwards by clicking "Save Menu".
Follow these steps and you'll unlink the parent menu items when clicked.

For further help, watch our video tutorial for Creating Menus:

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