How can I get a life-time free Domain Name?

This is probably one of our most popular features at O.W.M Consulting and most inquired about.

Every new client qualifies for a Lifetime Free Domain when registering with O.W.M Consulting's hosting services.

There are a few important requirements that must be met in order for you to qualify for this offer:

  1. The offer is exclusively available for new subscribers (1 per-client).
  2. The offer requires a minimum 1 year subscription (no altercations).
  3. The offer requires a minimum Gold hosting (or a higher package).
  4. Qualifying for this offer voids the 45 Day Money Back Guaranteed.
  5. Lifetime Free Domains require being hosted with us a minimum of 1 year.

It is most important to understand that this requires an continuously active yearly subscription.

If you downgrade from yearly subscription to monthly, this service will cancel the free domain.

If you downgrade from Gold to something lower (that does not qualify) you will loose the offer.

This offer is available exclusively to:

- Complete Website Solutions Package
- Gold Hosting Package
- Platinum Hosting Package

When you go below those requirements, the domain will become a billable item renewed based on your subscription (min-annual).

The domain is YOURS to keep and if you do decide to change hosts, you can take it with you.

Though take note there will be a transfer fee for moving the domain, that fee will be $30.00, one time (if previously a free domain).

The Lifetime Free Domain is available for all domains listed at standard cost, not for unique TLD's.

You can visit Register a Domain to find costs and TLD's available to this offer.

At minimum, this will save you $15.00/year on renewal fees when qualifying for this Lifetime offer.

An opportunity that is worthwhile, considering most other companies charge upwards of $15.00/year.

If any questions regarding this offer, please contact our Sales team for more details.

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