Can I transfer my Domain Name from another Registrar?

O.W.M Consulting does include Domain Registry and Management services.

All from within your account, you can manage all your domain needs:

- Registrations
- Transfers
- Renewals
- Cancellations
- Contact Details (WHOIS)
- Privacy / ID Protect

If you've currently a domain that is hosted elsewhere and your Registrar is not with us, you can either contact our Sales team for assistance switching to our services, or you can do this from within your own hosting account.

The first thing you'll want to do is log into your client account.

Once logged in, under the Client Menu >> Domains, select "Transfer a Domain" from it.

On this next page, you'll be prompted for the Domain Name + Authorization Code / EPP Code.

Before doing this, there are a few important tips we should remind you of first:

- Make sure that the domain, before requesting a transfer, has been UNLOCKED at it's Registrar.
- Make sure your contact details on the domain are current and correct with email, address, etc.
- You'll have to pre-request an Authorization / EPP Code from your current domain Registrar.

The Authorization / EPP Code is necessary as it confirms you legitimately want to transfer it to us.

This requires being generated from your active Registrar, so contacting them directly may be necessary.

Unlocking the domain is important because if locked, we'll be unable to successfully request it's transfer.

Lastly, it's extremely important your contact details associated with that domain are current.

When requesting a transfer, it will send an email to the domain registrar details / WHOIS information.

The WHOIS information is used to find the owners email address and request / confirm it's transfer.

Once all of this has been completed, then we'd encourage you visiting "Transfer a Domain".

A domain after a transfer request has been made, can take anywhere from 3-7 days to be transferred.

This time frame is referred to as it's propagation.

The time it takes will vary based on it's current registrar but often seen taking 3-7 days for most.

Also note that Transfer Requests will include a fee (cost of the domain TLD being transferred).

All our current domain pricing can be found here.

When transferring a domain, the fee paid on transfer will renew that particular domain another year term.

So if you recently paid to renew it at your current registrar, then paying us to transfer it, that fee associated with the transfer will be applied to the domain as a "Renewal", so it will be renewed an additional year past what was recently completed.

If any questions regarding domain transfers we encourage you contact our Sales department for assistance.
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