How do I managed files in cPanel?

There are many ways in which you can manage your files but the most popular are:

  • cPanel's File Manager
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

The first being cPanel's very own File Manager, gives you a lot of options for management.

cPanel Files Options

For example, uploading a zipped folder you'll not be able to decompress inside an FTP client.

In File Manager, you can navigate to the uploaded zipped folder and "Extract / Decompress" it.

You can also easily move and mage those files within File Manager.

There's options such as (just to name a few):

  • Move/Locate Files and Folders
  • Edit/View Files and Folders
  • Delete Files and Folders
  • Manage and Restore Files and Folders
  • Compress or Decompress Files and Folders
  • Create New Files and Folders
  • Modify File and Folder Permissions
  • Upload / Download Files and Folders
  • Password Protect Files and Folders

File Manager makes management of your website files and folders a breeze with a nice clean interface.

Though there are some limitations to the File Manager and that mainly being sizes you can upload.

Certain folders and files that are extremely large in size are often best uploaded via an FTP client.

There are a lot of FTP clients out there and as explained above, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

What FTP allows you to do is transfer files between computers (services) on the Internet. A term used when referring to the process of copying files from a local machine to another.

To use FTP, you'll need to first download and install a preferred FTP client. There are a lot out there!

Some suggestesd FREE FTP clients are:

There are a lot of other free FTP clients out there but these are ones we've had success with in the past.

There are also Premium FTP clients out there that could be used.

Though depending on your frequency and requirements, you can most often get away with just the free FTP's.

Here are a few that we've had experience with and really enjoyed:

...and just like the free FTP clients, there are many different options available for Premium FTP clients.

It all comes down to preference really and which one is your favorite. We recommend you try the free ones first.

For a more detailed review of File Manager with cPanel, checkout the official File Manager documentation.

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