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Who & What is GhostPool?

A simple, yet amazing fella! Mr. Dan Butler is his name but you likely know him as GhostPool. The Web Developer and Designer behind the amazing GhostPool account on Envato's Themeforest Marketplace. In his own words, here's his bio:

My name is Dan, a web designer from London, England.
My aim has always been to create awesome WordPress themes that don’t look the same. I don’t have a style, I just want them to work and look good.

So if you don't know by now, Dan is a Web Designer / Developer. He develops Awesome WordPress Themes and we're here to help you (a buyer of one of these themes) to customize it to suit your specific needs and various uses of it.

Why Hire O.W.M for Customizations?

We'd like to believe it's because we're good at what we do but we cannot tell you that and expect you just to believe it. So we'll share what our past clients have said, who are also GhostPool buyers, about their experience with O.W.M.

If you're interested in seeing more of our client Video testimonials like the above, visit our Client Testimonials page.

GhostPool Theme Developments A few of our featured GhostPool buyer projects.

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Looking for Customizations?

Consultations are 100% FREE! You can inquire about developments and customizations anytime!

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions by GhostPool buyers!

Without first knowing the project details, it's hard for us to anticipate what you can expect for costs. Once you have submitted your request, we will review it and if any questions we'll reply for clarification. We do offer an exclusive hourly rate to our GhostPool buyers. This is available only when working on a GhostPool theme. For more details we encourage you ask. We aim to be transparent.
Absolutely! If you're looking just to have the theme installed and setup on your website, we have an Install service which costs only $35.00 and includes a guaranteed 24hr turnaround Monday through Thursday. Orders made on Friday will be completed that following Monday. The completed install will resemble the demonstration website with minor differences, using the Demo content provided with the theme purchase. If you require us adding content, that will be billed out on an hourly effort as data-entry.
Absolutely! Just like installs / setups, we can perform the updates for you and offer an Update service which costs only $25.00 and includes a 24hr turnaround Monday through Thursday. Orders made on Friday will be completed that following Monday. It's important to note that we do not offer this service with customizations. If you've developed your theme, we will have to carry those developments over. At which point this will then be an hourly billed service. We encourage you to inquire for more details.
We can offer you theme support, however this will be billed as a Premium Support service, which starts at $100.00 and based on services required, may increase. We do however encourage you to try the buyer support included with your theme purchase, by visiting GhostPool's Support Forum / Ticket system. If you're interested in Premium Support you're welcome to inquire for more details.
Absolutely! We've a few amazing graphic designers on our team and based on your requirements, we'll connect you up with the designer we believe is best suited for your requests. At which time you'll communicate with that designer and work together to achieve what it is you need; whether it be a logo, banner, branding, etc.
Absolutely! When contacting us, explain to us about your current website and how you'd like it to look when importing it into the new site which uses a GhostPool theme. If your website is not currently using WordPress, the effort then may vary depending on what we're importing from. Though in many scenarios, if it's a Content Management System (CMS) of some sort, we can create custom import scripts that communicate with your old website database, and filter it into the new WordPress database. Though these efforts will vary based on environment.

Client Testimonials From GhostPool buyers...

These are just a few of our GhostPool buyers sharing their experiences with O.W.M Consulting. If interested, you can read many more by visiting our Client Reviews page.

The most professional programmer I have worked with, not to talk about his great social and documentational skills. Highly recommendable. I will definitely work with OurWebMedia again.

It was a pleasure working with O.W.M on my latest web project. They were friendly, responsive, reasonable and have a excellent understanding of web programming. They really helped to put my ideal to work on my website. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a web programmer.

I can't recommend Bryce and Our Web Media enough. He listened to my ideas and turned them into a great website design and logo. The project was completed extremely quickly and at a very good price. It was the extra little touches he added to my website that turned it from a good project into a great one and his advice was invaluable.

Sam Taylor on Facebook, from Games Like Finder.

I would HIGHLY recommend Bryce and his team to take care of your complex back end Web Development needs. I went to them with a complex task that got into Jquery programming and they whizzed through it providing a fast and excellent solution. Great communication, more than fair to work with, and a very nice guy!

Angie Vonderohe,

Bryce is a professional who takes great pride in his work. He"s diligent, smart, and most of all an expert. Sometimes you'll find a provider who does the work but is always unavailable, not Bryce. He"s always available anytime for anything for us. I highly recommend Bryce for any of his services and I can assure you, you"ll never be disappointed.

Joe Herskowitz, Acquisitions at Investment 360.

GhostPool Themes

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