To say the least, it has been an interesting journey for O.W.M Consulting since launching our business [officially] in 2009 and very excited to be making this announcement.

Nearing 5 years old, it has taken us until now, April 2013, to finally launch the official home to our business. To some, this may say a lot, but to others, you may simply be asking yourself why?

Why? Why take 5 years to launch your website if you're a business that caters to a clients online presence?

Truth is, we've simply had no time.

Since our coming to, O.W.M Consulting has leap-frogged itself from one client project to the next, with a few personal projects along the way. Spending a lot of time building our reputation amongst our buyers and clients; an area in which we take great pride in, our client-relations.

Long story short, we're happy to announce that today we're releasing our new website; finally!

We are still working on certain sections of the website, such as our Portfolio and Services page.

The primary focus at this time was to release our Clients Care and Management system as we're pretty excited to start using this. Througout the past, we've used several third-party services to handle things such as "Invoicing" and "Client-end relations", along with our "Team Project Manager". We've had this growing desire to make an attempt to bring all those together into one place that would no longer be dependent on another website or service other than ours specifically and hopefully make the whole process a little easier, precise and quick.

So with that said, bear with us as we complete our website and if interested in staying up with our progress, checkout one of our social links in the footer and connect with us there. We'd love to have your support!

We look forward to the journey ahead and thank you in advance for your interests.

Kind regards,
Bryce Wisekal

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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