It's long overdue for O.W.M Consulting to receive an update to its own website but finally that time has arrived!

February 1st, 2016 marks a step forward for O.W.M Consulting as we demonstrate new capabilities and projects.

The website you're viewing right now is a customized and developed, fully driven and capable WHMCS installation.

Showcasing some of our capabilities with WHMCS, such as developments, hooks, branding, integration and security.

So what's new about the website? Let us list a few things:

Revised Logo Design

You'll likely remember our previous logo, a bit more clunky and circular in it's appearance.

Don't remember? No worries, here's a preview:

O.W.M Logo (OLD)

We've decided to revise our logo to include a cleaner, less distractive and better suited logo for vertical use.

The results are what you see at the top of our website now, or as also shown below here:

Our Web Media Logo

While not a major overhaul on it's look and feel, maintaining the same font-face as before, the icon has changed.

Slogan / Motto Change

After a lot of debate, we've decided to loose the old slogan "Our Web, Your Media" as it now sounds dated.

For the past 5 years this has been the slogan O.W.M has used but moving forward we will use:

Connecting the Dots

In short, this represents what it is we're actually doing. Connecting the Dots between client and their online appearance, by providing the essential tools and resources needed in building your online presence. Though it extends even further, by also incorporating the fact that we're connecting you on a more personal level, as well professional, with both customers and visitors.

Also take note of the new homepage slider image, as well images used around our Social Networks that resemble many different dots being connected by lines. This is us, you, your website, your media, your online reach being displayed as dots connected. Stores and ideas, visions and adventures, connected together as a larger scaled network.

Of course, we can find many reasons this is suitable but we'll allow you to find those connections yourselves.


We've improved the font-faces used throughout the website, as well line-heights, letter spacing and all around clarity of the text within our website. A lot of our website is informational content and in our previous website, this was a bit congested and so we've taken an approach we believe we make reading and sifting through the information easier and more beneficial to our website visitors and clients alike.


We've included more services visible within our Services page, making it a little more transparent in ordering.

In addition to this, we've included some new (lower) rates at competitive costs when compared to similar companies.

Portfolio / Project Showcase

This area of our website is still being added to (as it will be regularly) but also incomplete. Not all of our projects are yet being showcased as we're waiting on permission and confirmation from some past clients. Other projects, which have agreed in past work to be displayed in our Portfolios, are presently available. We'll be featuring more projects soon with more detail and individual case studies in the near future.

Client Experience & Interface

We've done a complete overall on the client interface and experiences that come along with being a client.

Making things a little easier to find and manage. A cleaner, more responsive design that we hope will benefit all.

In Conclusion

These are our updates and the future of O.W.M Consulting, being shown gradually as we move foward and with time, more changes will transpire within the website, as will our growth as a company in whole.

We thank each and every one of our clients, and supporters, for their continued interests and use of O.W.M Consulting.

We look forward to many years ahead, serving you and those alike, with all your online tools, resources and needs!

Monday, February 1, 2016

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