All About O.W.M Consulting

A Little O.W.M History:

O.W.M Consulting (Our Web Media) is a dream turned reality, after being given an aggressive shove in the right direction.

My name is Bryce Wisekal and I am the founder of O.W.M Consulting.

Having built my first website at the early age of 13, I've always had a love and passion for web design / development.

For most of that time, web design was a hobby and strictly personal. Until January 2009 when our first born was then diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. She had gone misdiagnosed for an extended period and by the time it was discovered and finally being treated, we had nearly lost her. The doctors at the time, informed us that there was no guaranteed. Recovery was and is possible, but no matter the outcome, would require medication and monitoring the rest of her life.

Uncertain of the outcome, I quit my [then] job and vowed spending as much time as possible with my daughter [Natali]. Unfortunately, bills do not pay themselves and even though we were uncertain of an outcome, we still needed to survive. So with my families encouragement, I sought out turning a [then] hobby into what would become my full time profession and shortly thereafter, I met who would become the second in command, my co-owner, Kumar Sekhar.

Together, Kumar and I have built what has become O.W.M Consulting (also known as OurWebMedia and OWMLabs). We have participated in over 1,500 projects to date that involved custom developments, or customizations to premium themes, App developments and more. Even created a few premium themes on an online Marketplace called Envato > Themeforest. Our most successful being a Fullscreen Photography WordPress theme, KingSize with 18,000+ [TD] sales.

Along the way, we've been blessed with many opportunities. Meeting clients from all around the world, we've officially participated in projects originating from 35 countries worldwide! We've met amazing people like Dan Butler (GhostPool) and Rongen Robles (our beloved Designer) and many others whom I'm sure will be included here soon.

Introducing O.W.M Owners!

We believe in being upfront and honest with our clients. We want you to know who it is you're working with and have the ability to trust us with both your web design and development needs, but also your privacy and protection. We believe in presenting ourselves for who we are and this is who we are:

wisekal family

Meet Bryce Wisekal

Owner and Founder of O.W.M Consulting, Bryce Wisekal begun his involvement in web design at an early age. In 1997 (only 13 years old), Bryce had designed a website from ground up using the then-popular PHP-Nuke, later discovering a passion for other Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla, MODx, and WordPress. Having some college background in Computer Science, Programming and primarily Business, Bryce has always dreamed of being a self-employed Techpreneur; an experienced Systems Administrator and Frontend / Backend Developer, Bryce enjoys a good challenge and has 15+ years of related web-based experience to back his abilities.

Meet Kumar Sekhar

Co-Founder of O.W.M Consulting, Kumar is often referred to as our residential "Web Guru"; the man who knows it all and when encountered by something he doesn't already know, prides himself in the challenge to learn more about it. Kumar comes from an extensive background of web-related experience and when asked to tell a little about himself, he says, "An amateur ECMAScripter. An open-source and LAMP Developer and has a passion for open-source web based frameworks, with an extensive knowledge of a variety of Web-based apps, such as Wordpress theme and plugin development, with an expanding interest in Drupal."

sekhar family

Introducing our Lead Designer

Having known Rongen Robles since 2009 and actively working together, it is with great pride and honour that we introduce him as part of the O.W.M Consulting family and team. Including his excellent talents, Rongen offers our clients an opportunity at Graphics Design that not only meets the needs and expectations of our clients, but surpasses it. You can see what Rongen achieved through our Logo Designs Portfolio and can contact us to inquire more about his capabilities and services offered.

robles family

Meet Rongen Robles

Best known for his personality and creativity, Rongen breathes life into concepts and ideas. Limited by no challenge, Rongen excels in Marketing, Digital Concepts, Logo Design, Branding, Print, User-Interface (UI) Design, Caricature and much more! Having been interested in drawing most his life, he has taken a lifelong passion and turned into unique, creative profession that has him in constant demand by many.

"I work with 3 P's - Purpose, Passion and Principles." A designer who knows the essence of marketing. Providing effective and unique solutions with a purpose that fits a specific need. He is an illustrator who creates art that makes a difference. Born holding a pencil in his right hand and an eraser in his life. As Rongen says, "Mistakes are inevitable but I look at them as an opportunity to improve my designs".

A marketer who understands the value of good designs and how everything is interwined with principles of a business plan. His ideas and perspectives will help do the selling for you.

Thanks for your Interests!

We thank you for your taking the time and interest reading our About page and becoming a little more familiar with who O.W.M Consulting is. We will be working towards creating and updating more of our team member profiles soon so you can get to know the rest of us as well. In the meantime though, if any questions don't hesitate to contact us. We're more than happy to share what we can and do our best to assist.